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I am at the beginning of my endeavor to get more of my writing published: follow my journey here and read some of my pieces that have been published!

On Mamapedia:

Parenting Double Standards
Are We Better Off Than Our Mothers?

On Power of Moms:

Mommy's Monday Meltdown
Even Mommies Make Mistakes
A Moment of Positivity

On Parentous:
Imposter Mommy
Coping with Power Struggles
Balancing My Parenting Strengths and Goals for 2013
The Perfectionist Makes Family Memories

On Families In The Loop:
Teaching Gratitude and Not Greed

Coming in January 2013:
My most popular post, Heartbreak and the Young Entrepreneur, will be published in the anthology, Anything Prose..and Poetry too! by Anassa Publications. More details to come!

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