About Stephanie

I am the tired but happy mother of two daughters, ages six and one. My incredibly cool and helpful husband and I live in Colorado with our little girls. I enjoy the benefits of working part time in the mornings and spending afternoons at home writing, mommying, and finding excuses not to clean my house. As a board certified music therapist for twelve years, I have worked with children with a variety of special needs in my private practice, and I currently work part time teaching early childhood music classes. My classes incorporate specific developmental skills for infants through preschoolers while providing an essential socialization opportunity for both children and parents.

I have been writing in some form or another for my entire life. I spent much of my childhood writing short stories and poems, and was frequently occupied by mentally composing stories when I should have been doing other things, like paying attention in class. I continued to write throughout adolescence, contributing to my high school’s yearly publication and winning several literary awards such as NCTE and Reflections. Upon entering college, I relegated my writing skills to academic pursuits only, and have since continued to write only for my own pleasure and sanity. As a control freak living amongst chaos, blogging has been a satisfying outlet for my parental angst, combining my passions of writing and helping mothers connect.

My other passions in life including drinking copious amounts of coffee and wine, wistfully reflecting on the days when I used to practice yoga regularly, and sleeping for more than three hours in a row. I consider myself a warrior for “mommy rights,” believing that every mother deserves guilt-free time to herself: to enjoy a hot shower in peace, read a novel, have a date with her partner, and occasionally savor a meal.

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